10 Super Delicious Valentine’s Day Cocktails to Make for Your Boo

02.14.18 - BY RSVP International
Valentine's Day Cocktails

Valentine’s Day is a time of love, celebration, and, most importantly, Valentine’s Day Cocktails.

Oh, you thought we were going to say something sappy? Of course we love looking into the eyes of someone we love on this sweet Hallmark holiday, but if we aren’t looking into their eyes over a delicious beverage, what are we even doing anyway? Not living life, is what we say. So get into the spirit. It’s time for some Valentine’s Day Cocktails.


Pomegranate and rose water gin fizz

Why buy a bouquet of roses when you can just put it in a cocktail? Sure, everyone loves a nice bunch of flowers, but if we had to choose between flowers or a hand-crafted beverage, we’ll always choose the beverage. This delicate egg white cocktail from Little Kitchen Big World featuring pomegranate and rose water is the perfect balance between floral and tart. Kind of like Blanche Devereaux. Find the recipe here.



Better with Age Cocktail

Everything gets better with age. No, really, if you look at me in high school and me right now, you would definitely agree with this anecdotal evidence. So the “Better with Age” cocktail featuring St. Germain (Elderflower liquer) and gin is the perfect go-to for an old-timey classic kind of love that has aged like a fine bottle of wine. This recipe from Jessi’s Kitchen features the added adorable feature of frozen Campari hearts. Find the recipe here.



Blood orange bourbon smash with spicy vanilla sugar

Get smashed this Valentine’s Day! No, no, not that kind of smashed. No one likes a sloppy date (unless you spent Valentine’s Day at a chicken-wing eating contest, in which case, let’s be friends). The Smash is a classic kind of cocktail that generally features a spirit, sweetener, and herb. It’s a lovely balance of sweet and herbaceous. This version from How Sweet Eats features an added bonus of a spicy vanilla sugar rim and fresh blood orange juice. Find the recipe here.



cherry whiskey smash

Another smash you say? Yes! Because this version from Cooking with Curls tastes like cherry soda and who doesn’t love a good fountain soda tasting cocktail?  Find the recipe here.



Chocolate strawberry martini

If you’re going for the WOW factor in Valentine’s Day cocktails and want something a bit more fun and whimsical, this strawberry martini will bring the “OMG THAT’S SO CUTE” reaction you’ve been waiting for. Like a boozy strawberry milk, this drink from Viktoria’s Table can probably work as the dessert to cap off a dinner at home. Or just for a regular old Saturday when you want to be adorable. Find the recipe here.



my whiskey valentine cocktail

Scotch, scotch, scotch. Down it goes. Down into my belly. Single malt cocktails are making their way onto so many menus in the bar industry, especially with the resurgence of classics like the Penicillin. This blood orange cocktail from Dula Notes uses equal parts sweet and dry vermouth to find that perfect balance for someone who doesn’t love a super sweet and fruity drink. Find the recipe here.



mission sour fig cocktail

Oh, we love us a fig or two. But while figs are normally reserved for cheese plates or soft and chewy Newtons, this egg white cocktail from The Glitter Guide pairs fig with bourbon and lovely little ruby port.   Find the recipe here.



lady rose cocktail

The Lady Rose is the cocktail you want to serve if you really just need everything in your life to be pink. And if you’re significant other is obsessed with this gorgeous hue, then don’t disappoint them with anything else. You can recreate this cocktail from Jillian Harris with vodka, pink roses, tonic, and a small bit of food coloring for extra POP.  Find the recipe here.



strawberries and champagne margarita

Did you just combine champagne and tequila?! Yes, Pizzazzerie certainly did. In case you need to forget your Valentine’s Day, test out this potent potable. Find the recipe here.



valentine’s day amaro cocktail

And the cuteness to end the list. This cocktail from Honestly Yum has Amaro, Aperol, Gin, egg white, and a cinnamon heart to cap it off. Find the recipe here.



If you need the right tools to create these cocktails, check out our impressive line of Endurance® Barware where we have classics, basics, and long-lasting tools for that home bar cart you’ve been working so hard to stock. And, as always, please drink responsibly!