10 Ways to Create a Greener Kitchen

05.01.17 - BY RSVP International

The kitchen is our favorite room in any home. It’s where we gather, cook, relax, and visit with loved ones. We’re up for anything we can do to make our favorite space a little healthier. We all know that fresh, natural foods are better for you, and a green, wholesome kitchen is too.

We happen to believe that if you make the effort to make your kitchen greener, you’ll enjoy spending time there even more. A green kitchen can mean different things to different people. To us, it means transforming your space into an innovative, environmentally-friendly space. You don’t need to undergo a total kitchen remodel to make your space greener. Here are 10 ways to go green in the kitchen, without sacrificing functionality or style!


Did you know that food waste in the USA is the second highest component of landfills? Or that we waste more than 20 pounds of food per person per month in the USA? One of the easiest ways to make your kitchen greener is to be cognizant of your food waste, and compost it! Keep your food out of our landfills and turn it into soil-enriching, nutrient-packed compost material in just two to five weeks! RSVP International has a variety of kitchen composting products to help!


When you buy food grown locally, you are helping to reduce transportation pollution, because the food isn’t shipped across the country (or world!) Plus, food that makes a shorter trip from the farm to your table often has more time to ripen naturally, so it should taste even better! Buying from local farms also allows you to support your neighbors and keep more money circulating in your community. Your kitchen will be inherently greener when it’s stocked with locally sourced fresh fruits, veggies and other foods.


Love eating locally? Take things a step further by growing your own food! Whether you have the space for a salad-bar sized garden or you’re just able to grow your own herbs on the windowsill, any chance you take to grow your own food is a step in the green direction. Plus, you’ll be saving some money on your grocery bills, always a nice “green” perk!


Whether you love trying new recipes, or you typically stick to a few favorites, there are some adjustments you can make to cook with less energy. Are you using lids on your pots when you bring water to a boil? Can you sauté some ingredients together to save on dishes and burner usage? Are you familiar with the wonder of the one-pot recipe? Just a few super simple changes to how you cook can make a big difference!


How often have you picked up a fresh carton of milk at the grocery store, only to realize you had half a gallon left at home? It’s hard to keep track of what’s in your fridge and what’s going to expire soon. Organizing and cleaning your fridge regularly, and placing all soon-to-expire products front and center will help you reduce food waste and be more efficient on your next shopping trip! Consider adding the RSVP Endurance® Two-Tier Turntable to your fridge to maximize storage space while keeping things organized!

RED MARKET BASKETUse Your Own Shopping Bags

How many empty plastic bags do you have just laying around your kitchen? With every grocery trip, we accumulate more and more. Sure, some can be used around the house, but will we ever use them all? Skipping the plastic grocery bags is not only good for the environment, it also lets you minimize clutter in your kitchen, allowing for a cleaner space!


When you buy in bulk, you can get more food with less packaging! Reusable storage containers can keep your food fresh and you’ll save time and gas by not having to go to the store as often! Freeze fresh produce to keep it at its best, and display smaller quantities of mass ingredients in glass storage containers so you always know how much you have on hand!


Select Kitchen Tools that Stand the Test of Time

When purchasing new cookware and utensils, choose products that will last. Stainless steel and cast iron are two green options that may seem like more of an investment, but one that will pay off. We created our Endurance® line of kitchen products for this very reason. RSVP International is committed to creating quality kitchen products that will last, at reasonable prices. We want your kitchen to be as green as possible! Buy knives that you can sharpen at home, cloth towels instead of paper, and stainless steel straws that can be washed and reused. Look for durable, high quality kitchen products that can be used again and again.


It can be tempting to stock up on those prepared, heat and eat meals that are available, can’t it? We get it, but one way to make your kitchen greener is to commit to preparing your own meals. Meal planning can help your weeks go smoother, while always having a tasty, healthy meal on hand. Cooking in big batches, and freezing meals for future use is another way to keep your freezer stocked with healthy options to avoid too many fast food pit stops or pizza deliveries! With a little planning and preparation, you can have healthy options on hand for quick and easy meals!


Check out your cleaning supplies and look for greener alternatives. There are a number of green kitchen cleaning products on the market, or you could make your own! Keep baking soda, vinegar and lemon on hand to make your own cleaners as you need them! Ditch the paper towels and disposable bleach wipes stock your greener kitchen with recycled cotton scrubbers and chemical free cleaning solutions!

Do What You Can to go green

If you love delicious food and gathering with great company as much as we do, making your kitchen a greener space just makes sense. You don’t have to make dramatic changes (though if you can, that’s great!) to make a difference. What steps are you taking to make your kitchen a greener, healthier, more eco-friendly space? Let us know! Follow and share with us on Facebook or Twitter!