7 Bite-Sized Treats for Hosting an Awards Show Party (and a Party Punch!)

01.05.18 - BY RSVP International
awards show party appetizers

You don’t have to go to the Golden Globes or the Oscars to feel like you’re rolling that high class celeb life. You know why? Because nothing is fancier than tiny food and bite-sized treats.

Awards shows are just around the corner and they are the perfect excuse to have a party for absolutely no reason at all. Eat dainty foods, drink some fab drinks, and hang out with friends while watching your favorite actors and actresses give acceptance speeches…or trip up stairs to accept the award, like we’re all secretly hoping.

If you don’t know what to serve at an awards show party, here are seven of our favorite tiny-bites from around the web, as well as a perfect party punch that will make you feel like you’re wearing Louboutins and a Vera Wang on the red carpet.

Mini Grilled cheese sandwiches

One wouldn’t immediately think of grilled cheese as a refined food, but when made tiny and paired with a little shooter of tomato soup for dipping, this appetizer is divine! Find the recipe here.

smoked salmon & cream cheese cucumber bites

Tiny appetizer bamboo forks make this appetizer easy to eat. The cucumber is cool paired with the dill and, of course, you can never go wrong with cream cheese and salmon. Find the recipe here.

goat cheese and onion garlic jam tarts

Puff pastry, goat cheese, and jam brings these together quick. Find the recipe here.

prosciutto wrapped goat cheese-stuffed dates

You need at least one thing with prosciutto. Yes, we really mean NEED. It’s the most delicious of charcuteries and pairs well with just about anything. These dates are easy to make and perfectly balance the sweet and salty. Find the recipe here.

caprese bruschetta

What’s not to love? These bite-sized bruschettas are perfectly flavorful and fresh. Just be careful with that balsamic drip! Find the recipe here.

caramelized onion dip (vegan)

Onion dip is always a hit at any party, but let’s be kind to the vegan in your life by including them in the festivities! This dip is creamy without the dairy of a typical onion dip and gets a hint of savory smoky flavor from a veggie boullion. Find the recipe here

rosÉ champagne mini cupcakes

Is there anything cuter than a cupcake? UM, YES. A MINI-CUPCAKE. These rosé champagne cupcakes are the perfect finish to an awards show evening. Best part? You can drink a little rosé while you’re baking, which is always a plus. Find the recipe here.

bonus winter champagne punch!

Rosemary, citrus, and honey make this the perfect Winter punch. Serve this in a big bowl for your guests to never have an empty cup! Find the recipe here.


We hope you have a fun awards show season! Whether it’s the Globes, Grammys, or Oscars, celebrate in style with the cutest of foods and best of company.