The Best Bridal Shower Gifts for the Kitchen Savvy Bride

06.07.19 - BY RSVP International
Bridal Shower Gifts

So you’ve looked at your bride’s (or groom’s!) bridal registry and now you’re like, “How do I get them the best bridal shower gifts ever?”

Because let’s be real here. You will not be outshined by other bridal shower guests when it comes to gift giving. You are thoughtful, you’ve known the soon-to-be betrothed since kindergarten, and you’ll be darned if Ashley they met at the gym 2 months ago gives a better gift than you, right?

Okay, so maybe it’s not good to be competitive over gift giving. After all, it’s not about you. It’s about the bride! And he or she may have already created a wedding registry of gifts to choose from. The registry is the safest bet, of course, for a bridal shower. But if the bride doesn’t have a registry, we’re ready to step in with suggestions.

When it comes to bridal shower gifts, keep in mind the personality of the gift recipient. Do they love to entertain? Do they frequently host dinner parties? Are they eco-conscious? Maybe they’re high-maintenance (don’t play, you know you have some high-maintenance friends out there) or is their personality super low-key and chill?

Bottom line, you know your friend and the kind of person they are, so choose your gifts according to their registry or according to their persona.


Fancy barware for a home bar

Maybe you met the bride at a wine tasting or maybe you met in college and each drank a bottle of wine one night together. What you do know is that the bride loves their dranks. Help them to stock their home bar with some super shiny barware!

Stainless steel drinkware is durable and long-lasting, having the added ability of being perfect for camping and picnics. They also regulate temperature of liquid quite well, whether you want to keep a drink super cold or super hot.

Don’t forget bar accessories! You can build your own cocktail kit for the bride who may have watched the movie Cocktail one too many times. What should you put in a cocktail kit?

Round out this little gift basket with a book on classic cocktails like The Savoy Cocktail Book by Harry Craddock.



For the bride who likes cheese and entertaining

Okay, but who doesn’t love cheese besides the lactose intolerant? And even then, they still love cheese but just can’t eat it.

If you have a friend who enjoys having people over for dinner parties or drinks & appetizers, get them the tools they need for entertaining perfection. With grazing tables being the top current trend in how to entertain at home, cheese and charcuterie board accessories can make for perfect bridal shower gifts.

Choose a selection of White Marble or Italian Olive Wood, as both make for timeless pieces that last and are easy to care for.



White Marble accessories for Kitchen decor

The bride has a perfect subway tile backsplash with butcher block countertops and a gas range that makes even Alton Brown gasp in envy. But what’s missing from their gorgeous kitchen decor?

Yep, marble. Specifically, the beautiful markings of white marble. It looks great on any countertop and will last for so long that they can pass it down to the next generation. These make especially great gifts if the bride loves to cook at home, as salt boxes provide easy access to seasoning when cooking, while mortar & pestles are great tools for making custom spice blends.



Baking tools for the baking fools

If your friend posts up pictures on their Instagram with #homechef or #bakeoff, then it may be best to help expand their baking tool selection! And really, this gift choice is a win for you too, because who are they going to share their baked goods with? Yes, YOU.

What makes for a great baking kit?

The marble pastry board can even double as a serving platter for cheese and meats, as marble works to help keep things super cold! That’s why it’s perfect for working with pastry doughs, especially ones filled and layered with lots of butter like pie and croissants. You want your friend to make pie so you can eat it, right? Then it’s the perfect gift!


Go eco-friendly

Spicy Paloma

Is your friend the type who recycles voraciously and only buys cruelty-free makeup? If they have strong feelings about single use plastics and saving the environment, make them an eco-friendly gift basket with stainless steel straws and a market tote! They’ll love that you remembered that video about sea turtles and pollution they posted on Facebook two months ago. Make sure to include a message about how they make the world a better place for maximum good friend vibes.


Even if these items aren’t on their registry, these bridal shower gifts would be welcome by any bride who loves to do some cooking and entertaining at home! But as always, you know your friend the best and anything that comes from the heart will be a welcome gift! And if all else fails, find your local kitchen store and book that home chef an in-store cooking class experience! Because sometimes it’s not a gift that people look for, it’s an experience. And making memories with the ones you love is the best experience of all.