Loaded Up Appetizers to Have You Ready for the Big Game

01.22.19 - BY RSVP International
Big Game Day

Let’s be honest here, football fans. Sure you love the game, but the food is the part you look forward to the most. And when it comes to the The Big Game, we go all out when it comes to food.

So while some of us may not know who’s even playing in this year’s game, we know that we want to eat some great snacks. Even if you only watch it for the commercials or the Puppy Bowl.

One of our favorite ways to make large spread foods is by focusing on appetizers. For easy cleanup, we recommend appetizers that comes on a skewer or as a finger food/dip. RSVP makes an incredible assortment of Bamboo Skewers and Picks which are biodegradable and sustainably sourced.

But we’re sure you’re like, “Cool, cool can you get onto the food already?” So yes, here comes some of our favorite recipes for Big Game day snackage.



Loaded Tater Tot Skewers

Carpe diem, right? These tater tots are baked (or fried if you choose), then covered in Ranch seasoning, and baked again with cheddar cheese and bacon, served alongside a hearty portion of ranch dressing. You can find the recipe for these here. Our tip? Make sure to serve these immediately, as the tater tots will tend to fall apart a bit as they cool.



Buffalo Meatballs with Bleu Cheese

Give us anything smothered in Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and covered in bleu cheese crumble. Game day wings can get so messy, so why not try this version that slow cooks meatballs in a delicious Buffalo sauce and serves everything up on a stick. You can find the recipe here.



Chicken and Waffle Sliders

Here’s our pro tip when it comes to finding mini-waffles: call around to stores and ask them if they carry them. These elusive little waffles to make these sliders are hard to find, but so worth it when it comes to making bite-sized Chicken & Waffles. We found these little ones at Whole Foods, where they had a variety of choices. However, Kellogg’s seems to be scaling back its distribution of Mini-Waffles in favor of their new Mini-Pancakes, so your mileage may vary in your search.

That said, these sliders are soooooo good and incredibly easy to make. Cook some chicken tenders according to packaging, cut them to mini-waffle size. Toast your waffles, skewer it all on a stick and drizzle with syrup! Honestly, you don’t even need a recipe because it’s just so easy.



Pepperoni Roll Bombs

The Pepperoni Roll is a classic West Virginia snack that we absolutely love. Traditionally, no cheese comes on the Pepperoni Roll, which is why we turned it into a skewer with a little mozzarella on top. Take it or leave it, but always dip it in some marinara.

Cut premade pizza dough into 2×2 squares. Add 3-slices of pepperoni and fold like an envelope, with corners into the center. Brush tops with butter, top with powdered garlic and oregano, then bake according to pizza dough packaging. Place mozzarella (bocconcini) on top and serve with marinara! So easy and so good.



Guacamole in an Authentic Molcajete

Chips are merely a receptacle for delicious dips. And guacamole is the MVP of all dips when it comes to a big game day party. Our recipe is super spicy, garlicky, and made in a Molcajete for that authentic Mexican flavor.



Grilled Corn and JalapeñO Cheese Dip

Some people call this “crack dip”, but we think it’s weird to compare food to drugs, so we just call it THE BEST EVER. No really, this dip is the best and you can’t stop eating it. Made from grilled corn, diced jalapeño, and a metric ton of cheese and sour cream, you want to make sure you have plenty of Fritos on hand (and extra dip). You can find the recipe here.