How to Change the Wires on the RSVP Marble Cheese Slicers

10.11.18 - BY Nona Raybern
marble cheese slicers

We know that sometimes it’s helpful to have a visual guide on how to do things. That’s why we’ve created these videos to guide you through the process of changing out the wires on our different marble cheese slicers.

Don’t be intimidated and don’t get frustrated if you don’t get it on the first try. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll change those wires out in a breeze.

RSVP International carries three different types of marble cheese slicers and in two different styles. We have two different replacement wire sets that correspond to the marble cheese slicers. There are images on the packaging of the replacement cheese wires that show you which corresponding cheese slicer it is compatible with.

For the White Marble (Item #WMCS) and the Green Marble (Item #GCS), you will need replacement wire Item #W-1.
For the Grey Marble (Item #GRY-5), you will need replacement wire Item #W-3.


How to Change the Wire on the White marble Cheese Slicers

  1. Unscrew the handle from the arm. Remove wire from the handle.
    Remove ring from the arm. Note the ring has a
    Remove the arm from the marble. Discard old wire.
    Slide the arm back into marble, with the loop from the new wire in the channel. Loop the wire over the end of the arm and slide all the way in.
    Replace ring on arm.
    Loop other end of new wire onto threaded part of handle. Insert threaded part into the ring and tighten.
    Once partially tightened, gently pull handle in an upward motion and tighten all the way until wire is taut and completely secure.


How to change the Wires on the grey marble cheese slicers

  1. Unscrew the handle from the retaining screw and remove from arm.
    Remove the wire loop from the retaining screw and set screw aside with handle.
    Rotate the arm to reveal other end of wire loop. Remove wire and discard.
    Insert new wire loop into the arm. Rotate arm back to beginning position.
    Thread other end of wire loop into retaining screw.
    Screw the retaining screw into the handle through the arm until wire is taut and secure.


We hope that these tutorials are helpful in showing you how to change the wires in our marble cheese slicers. If you have any further questions or run into any issues, please contact us at