What Customers Really Want for Their Bridal Registry or Shower

06.06.19 - BY RSVP International
Bridal Registry

If your store offers a bridal registry, stocking your store with what customers want might seem daunting. We’re here to help!

With couples today marrying later in life, we’re finding that most brides and grooms already have everything they need at home. Single millennials and couples already living together are buying good quality kitchenware for themselves, so the need for everyday items on a registry has gone down.

According to research, the difference lies in the need versus the want now. Couples put what they want but may not be able to afford on their registries. New trends also show that couples are registering for alternative things like “honeymoon funds”, “experiences”, donating to their favorite charity, or just straight up cold hard cash to help with daily expenses. Which is totally great! But as a retailer of fine kitchen products, you want them to have their registry at your store!

So what are customers putting on their registries these days and how does that affect your stock? How do you compete with these new trends taking over the registry industry?



High Quality, Long-Lasting Items



Marble pieces to complement beautiful kitchens are on the rise. This gorgeous stone with its natural markings looks good on any countertop as a classic piece, so it’s no wonder grooms and brides are putting it on their registries. From kitchen tool holders to pastry boards that double as serving platters, these items can stay in a family for years to come. And that’s what many couples look for. Something timeless that lasts for the rest of their lives and beyond.

Stainless Steel

Nothing lasts like good quality stainless steel and that’s why couples are putting it on their registries. High quality cookware is one of the top items on registry lists, since most wouldn’t normally splurge on pots and pans over $50 a piece. So stock up on stock pots, frying pans, sauce pans, and specialty stainless cookware like egg poachers and crepe pans.




Who doesn’t want to rosé all day?  Stainless steel barware keeps durable and shiny for a long time, while having the added benefit of keeping drinks at the perfect temperature. Your customers will want to put these on their bridal registry list simply for the wow factor it adds to their home bar collection. Range from wine glasses to martini glasses to beer glasses so every home drinker is covered in their choices.


Persona-Inspired Gifts



If the bride and groom are the eco-conscious type, make sure you’re well-stocked on high quality reusable items like stainless steel straw sets and other earth-saving gifts. Bonus points for products with recyclable packaging! Sustainable kitchen linens are also in high demand, so keep organic cotton and bamboo fiber linens well-stocked for a bridal registry. Colors of choice? Blushes and grey tones are hits this season.


For the couple who love to have dinner parties and entertain their friends, nothing beats good quality cheese accessories. Ranging from gorgeous Olive Wood to White Marble to everything else, they can adorn any grazing table for the perfect fit. And with the grazing table trend on the rise for dinner parties, customers will want to stock up to create the perfect one, especially as millennials start to redefine the idea of gathering together.


Low-key chill

The laid-back groom and bride can be the hardest to predict when it comes to their bridal registry. They want for nothing and already have everything they need. They didn’t really want to sign up for a registry, but their parents forced them to so that Great-Aunt Karen would know what to get them on their big wedding day when all they really wanted was a small courthouse wedding. So what are these couples looking for besides the nearest exit at the end of their wedding? Experiences! They want a gift to remember, something that brings them together to create memories together. So what can you do as a small retail store to take advantage of this clientele?


Offer an Experience

Yes, you can offer them an experience! Are you a retailer that has cooking classes or demonstrations? Put together a perfect newlywed package like a private cooking class for two or a romantic wine-tasting night. Offer this up on your registry list and watch it take off! Polling shows there’s nothing that millennials love more than a good experience. This also allows them to test out different products through the night which they may purchase at the end of the class or evening.

If you don’t have the available space to offer this type of event, it may be good to reach out to other small retailers in your area to see if you can put together a “locals only” retail extravaganza. See if the coffee shop next door or the restaurant across the street would work with you to develop a great program for a bridal registry.


Have an Online Registry

Though millennials do love a good in-store experience, most couples want to do everything for their wedding online or on their mobile phones. Planning a wedding is time consuming and hard work! The easier it is to put their bridal registry together, the more likely they are to register at your store. If you have a website, make sure you have the ability to have your customers do everything they need from a computer or their phones and make sure their friends and family have the ability to purchase their selections easily.


Following some of these little tips will help to get your store stocked with just the right items that couples today will be looking to put on their registry lists. Arming yourself with the knowledge of these bridal registry trends will help you to stay on top of the retail competition.