French Press Cocktails are the Latest Trend in Home Bartending

10.11.18 - BY RSVP International
French Press Cocktails

You’ve stocked your home bar with spirits and all the right bar tools. Now get ready to try the latest in home bartending by making French Press Cocktails!

Typically reserved for making coffee, a French press can also be used to infuse, steep, or brew anything. The world is your oyster (but don’t steep an oyster, because ew). Today, we chose the Hot Toddy as our drink of choice.

The Hot Toddy is a classic drink in bartending. This brief history of the Hot Toddy shows that this drink came from India, to Britain, to Scotland, to the US. Honey makes it a little sweet, citrus a little tart, and whiskey a lot delicious. Add in some spice and the hot toddy is the perfect Fall/Winter beverage.

Of course, we love a good classic drink, but modern day bartending takes it one step further.

So we bring French Press Cocktails onto the scene and they create the perfect steeping pot to meld flavors together in hot or cold beverages. Our 3-Cup French Press is the perfect size for a personal cocktail.

Rest assured you can make anything you dream up in a French press. Try making a Blueberry Tea or use Rose buds for a Rose Water Gimlet. For herbs and fruits, make sure to muddle them in the bottom of the French press before adding your other ingredients to release the most flavor.

Add your ingredients and muddle them around.

For the hot toddy, stir after you pour in the hot water until the honey has completely dissolved.

Press down and pour into your glass! Adding fun garnishes like whole cinnamon sticks not only adds more flavor, but also creates a beautiful looking cocktail.

This drink is fun to enjoy yourself on a cold night or with friends over with a “create your own toddy” bar!

French Press Hot Toddy

Cozy up to Fall and Winter with a little twist on this classic warming drink. 


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    Cinnamon, broken or smashed
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  • Hot water


  1. Fill a 3 cup French Press with lemon, orange, cinnamon, cloves and honey. Top with hot water (water should be between 200°-212°F). Stir gently until honey is dissolved. Let steep for 5 minutes. 

    Fill hot beverage mug with 2 oz. of whiskey. Add orange wedge and cinnamon stick. Press the French press down and pour over the whiskey into glass. Garnish with lemon wheel and cloves.