A Simply Fresh Summer Dessert: Grilled Fruit Pizza with Honey & Ricotta

07.19.17 - BY RSVP International

Raise your hand if you don’t like pizza! Put your hand down, of course you like pizza. And you know what’s good as pizza? DESSERT. Specifically, a dessert fruit pizza!

Stone fruit and berries are currently in season (the raspberries were actually from my parent’s backyard!), so why not turn them into something easy for after dinner?

Today we’re going to use the Endurance® Precision Pierced Pizza Pan! And with just a few easy ingredients, this recipe comes together in no time.

We’re talking: Fruit, ricotta, honey, and pizza dough. That’s it.

First, roll out the dough. You can use store bought dough (like we did) or you can make it homemade. Just remember to roll it out nice and super thin.

Spray the pan with a non-stick cooking spray and lay your dough down. Stab the dough with a fork to make perforations about 1 inch apart.

Place the pan on the grill. Temperature inside the grill should be around 425°F. Grill each side of the dough 2 minutes.

Remove the pan from the grill after each side has been toasted. Brush honey onto the top and then layer stone fruit across entire surface. Top with spoonfuls of ricotta and berries.

Bake in the grill with the lid closed for 9-12 minutes, or until the bottom is nicely browned. If the top looks a little neglected, you can stick it in the oven on broil for 3 minutes (though, you should be good to go with just the grill!). Finish with a fine drizzling of honey on the top. Feel free to throw some mint on top for a pop of color and a bit of fresh!

Now dig in and enjoy! This pizza is sure to please kids, adults, and probably dogs too if you drop some while you’re eating it. It’s the perfect summer dessert for a night outside barbecuing.

the recipe: grilled summer fruit pizza


1 mound Pizza Dough (store bought or homemade)
2 tbs honey for spreading, 1 tbs honey for drizzle
1 cup of berries (any kind works)
1/2 peach, thinly slice
8 oz Ricotta


Roll out pizza dough until very thin. Place on greased pizza pan and place on a grill heated to 425°F for 2 minutes. Flip and cook 2 more minutes. Remove from grill and brush honey onto the dough. Line with thinly sliced peaches. Spoon ricotta onto top, then sprinkle on raspberries and blueberries. Place back onto grill until dough is thoroughly cooked and crust is very brown, about 9-12 minutes. Remove from grill and let cool. Drizzle with remaining honey.