RSVP’s Essential Grilling Tools and Tips

06.04.18 - BY RSVP International
Grilling Tools

A good set of grilling tools is essential for backyard cooking. Sure, you want to have the right food and the right recipes. But if you don’t have the right tools to create those recipes, you’ll have meat and veggies falling through the grate and into the fire.

RSVP carries all of the tools to help you cook, smoke, and grill your favorite recipes. From charcoal chimneys, to meat claws, to Rosewood-handled turners and tongs, we have you covered. Our favorites feature a line of specialty items, as well as classics that should hang off any grill.


Fun & Essential Grilling tools


The Endurance® meat shredders

So you want to feel like Wolverine? Perfect! Then the Endurance® Meat Shredders are the right tool for you to shred anything from chicken, to beef, to pork. Comfortable handles give you a good grip, so you’re not trying to shred a 20lb slab of meat with a puny fork and handle. It’s about ease of use and comfort when it comes to these meat shredders. You’ll also look awesome pulling these bad boys out at the next backyard BBQ.

Try this Pulled Pork recipe with a super simple rub that’ll be the perfect center dish for your next family gathering.

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3-in-1 bbq grill brush

To start cooking on a grill, you need a clean grill. Leftover bits of burnt food and grease don’t stand a chance against this 3-in-1 BBQ brush. Featuring a scraper for the large bits, brass bristles for a tough brush off, and a nylon scrubbie for in-depth cleaning. Don’t let burned taste be your seasoning. Let the food and fire do the talking on their own. Because a clean, well-seasoned grill makes all the difference.

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BBQ Charcoal Starter


For the traditionalist when it comes to grilling, a good charcoal starter can make all the difference. The best part about a charcoal chimney? You don’t need any starter fluid to light it, which means no weird chemical or gas flavor permeating your food. Simply light some newspaper in the bottom and watch as the briquettes turn from black to an ash grey, which means they’re ready to use in your charcoal grill.

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Endurance® Precision Pierced Pizza Pan

Pizza on the grill? Yes! We highly recommend this cooking method when it comes to making pizza at home. Simply use the Endurance® Pizza Pan to grill both side of the dough, top with your favorite sauce and toppings, and let it grill with the lid closed for 10 minutes. It’s a quick and easy weeknight dinner with a great smokey flavor that you just can’t get from the oven.

Want to go in a different direction? Dessert pizza is really a thing! Try our Peach and Ricotta version.

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Endurance® BBQ-Skewers

Everyone loves a good kebab. This is just a matter of fact. You know why? Because you can put anything you want on a kebab. Meat, veggies, fruits, desserts. Go for these reusable skewers when it comes to your kebab-making. You’ll produce less waste than wooden or bamboo skewers and the stainless steel will help to conduct heat from the inside as well as the outside. It’s a win-win!

Try our recipe for a Grilled Potato Salad with a fresh herb dressing to really kick up the flavor profile.

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Endurance® BBQ Precision Pierced Roasting pan

You want to grill some veggies or something on the smaller side, but you’re worried about it going through the grill grate. You could wrap it in foil, but then how do you get this bits of flame-kissed goodness? When it comes to grilling tools, a great grill pan can be your best friend. You don’t have to worry about sliced onions, mushrooms, or squash finding their way into the abyss. The precision-pierced pan keeps all the food in while still grabbing all the flavor of the fire.

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BBQ Locking Tongs

Tong, tong, tong, tong. Tongs are essential to flipping and moving meats and veggies around on a grill, especially when you’re working with things like sausages, steaks, or chicken breasts. We highly recommend having a version with wooden handles and a locking mechanism, as it will help with the manipulation of the food and provide a great grip.

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Try our other Rosewood-handled BBQ products, like a Basting Brush and a Long Spatula perfect for burger-turning.