4 Kitchen Essentials for Your College Dorm Room

08.17.17 - BY RSVP International

Just because your college dorm may not have a kitchen doesn’t mean you won’t occasionally skip the crowded dining hall in favor of your own room. If you’ve started your college shopping, you’ve probably already got the dorm kitchen essentials – plates, bowls, spoons, and cups – that you’ll need to eat your Ramen, cereal, and PB&J sandwiches. But did you know adding just a few other kitchen gadgets can make cooking in your dorm room easier, healthier, and more delicious? Here are a few dorm room kitchen essentials that may be missing from you shopping list:

Coffee maker

Late nights and early classes will have you craving a strong cup of coffee. There is nothing easier than a Cold Brew maker. Plus, consistently purchasing coffee can quickly add up and impact an already tight budget. Having a coffee maker in your dorm saves you both time and money, making it a dorm room essential. RSVP International’s Cold Brew Coffee Maker allows you to quickly and easily make a delicious cold brew – just like you’d get at the local coffee joint – right in the comfort of your own room. Don’t forget other coffee essentials too, like filters, bag clips, and scoops. With delicious coffee at the ready, don’t be surprised if your room becomes as popular as the local coffee shop. Need help getting started?  Try this amazing Cold Brew Macchiato!

Tote bag

With your campus meal plan, you may plan to do a lot of grocery shopping. You’ll still want a grocery tote for when you stop by the local market for snacks and energy drinks. Unlike plastic or paper grocery bags, a reusable tote bag is more durable as you’re trudging across campus with your goodies. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly! RSVP International’s market baskets are also easy to collapse and fold, so they’ll store nicely in your dorm or backpack.

Can opener

Keep a can opener on hand for things like canned soups, fruits, vegetables, beans, and tuna. When you can’t make it to the dining hall, these items can round out your diet and provide more nutritional value than cookies and chips. It’s the ultimate little space saver.

Kitchen cleaning supplies

If it’s your first time living on your own, you may be used to your parents taking care of kitchen clean up duties – or at least making sure the cupboard is stocked with rags and soap for you. Being an adult means not being gross. Wash your utensils and dishes to keep sanitary and un-smelly. You definitely don’t want to annoy your roommate with dirty dishes or become known as the smelly room in the residence hall. Sponges, cloths, and a dish brush are all great items to have on hand for dishwashing duties. Paper towels are also handy to quickly clean up spills and messes in your room.

Going off to college is an adventure! Many of these kitchen gadgets come in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns. You can pick what best suits your needs and personal style. Even without a full kitchen, having high-quality kitchen essentials in your dorm room can make it feel like home.