Kitchen Organization Tips

09.12.17 - BY RSVP International

A well-organized kitchen can make life easier. But limited cupboard and counter space can make it a challenge to find a functional set up for cooking, eating, and entertaining. If you’re struggling to organize your kitchen and keep it clean and functional, try these handy kitchen organization tips and tricks.


Label your food items

Between grocery shopping, meal prepping, and people coming and going in the kitchen, it can be hard to keep track of what’s what. As a rule of thumb, you should label everything – especially leftovers and freezer items. It’ll save a lot of headaches, wasted food, and unnecessary trips to the grocery store down the line. Our freezer labels are easy to use and have been specifically designed for bags, containers, and vacuum sealed food.

Keep track of what’s clean or dirty

With multiple family members helping with kitchen clean up, it’s important that everyone is on the same page. A chore wheel or chart can be a great way to divide up kitchen cleaning tasks and quickly see what has (or hasn’t) been done. A dishwasher magnet can also be helpful to avoid accidentally loading dirty dishes into a dishwasher that’s still full of clean ones.

3-TIER HANGING BASKETS – COPPERUtilize tiered and hanging baskets

When storage space is in short supply, tiered and hanging baskets can be a lifesaver. While many people utilize these for produce, don’t limit yourself. They can be great for storing snack items, like chips, granola bars, and bags of trail mix. You can also use them to create organizational systems for kids, such as putting healthy snacks on bottom and sweet treats up higher.

Give a turntable a spin

A turntable (AKA: a Lazy Susan) can be a great way save space and have easy access to a variety of items in your kitchen. Try putting similar items together and give it a whirl. These handy devices are great for cupboards, counters, and refrigerators! Check out our single turntables or two-tier options.

Try towel holders and self-adhesive hooks

Towel holders can definitely be used for more than just kitchen towels. If you mount them on the side of your cabinet, they become the perfect place to hang up large pots and pans or utensils that don’t fit anywhere else. Self-adhesive hooks stuck to walls and cupboard doors are also great for hanging cookware, potholders, and other utensils.

OVERSIZED TOOL CROCKGet creative with utensil holders

Tool crocks and utensil holders are a great way to keep your kitchen organized. Use multiple crocks and crock dividers to keep similar tools together for quick, easy access. You can also use them under the sink to store sponges, scrubbers, and dish brushes out of sight and off your counter. Wooden or mesh utensil holders can be easily attached to cupboard doors for even more storage.

Save space with racks and shelvesCOUNTERTOP SPICE RACK SET

Sturdy spice racks, can racks, and removable cupboard shelves can help you keep cramped cupboards and pantries organized and make the most of every inch of space.  Plus they’re versatile, so you can continue to use them as you gain new kitchen gadgets or reorganize your cooking space.

Use clear containers

Using clear containers for storage is a must in the kitchen. Being able to immediately see and identify different items in your fridge, cupboards, and pantry make food prep and cooking so much easier! We have a variety of clear spice bottles, spice jars, and canisters.

What tips and tricks do you use to keep your kitchen more organized? We’d love to hear your suggestions. Leave a comment on our Facebook page or tag us on Twitter or Instagram and let us know!