Endurance® Stainless Steel Kitchen Products from RSVP International

Our line of stainless steel kitchen products has evolved and grown because our customers love our superior quality stainless steel kitchen basics. In a desire to set our cooking and baking products apart from other basics in our customer's minds, (we already had their hearts) we felt our stainless steel kitchen products needed a name for quick recognition. We decided to have an employee contest, and the winning suggestion would win the $100 prize. The winning name was Endurance, and it was a perfect fit for our well-loved kitchen products; to this day it proudly represents the superior quality and longevity of our stainless steel line that has become the standard of our industry.

Our Endurance® brand contains over 300 stainless steel kitchen products such as flatware, measuring cups and spoons, stock pots, and biscuit cutters as well as custom designed items such as our Sip-Spoons, Spice Spoons and Precision Pierced Colanders.

Endurance® Pizza Cutter, #PZA-3

The Endurance® Pizza Cutter works fabulously on pizza but zips right through bar cookies too.

Endurance® Herb Scissors, #SNIP

Snippity-snip-snip on the fresh herb topping.

Endurance® 4-Egg Poacher, #POACH-4

Don't feel pressure to have to poach 4 eggs, you can poach just one or two but why not invite someone over for breakfast?

Endurance® Precision Pierced 5-Qt Colander, #PUNCH-5

Ohhhhh we love this colander, and so does America's Test Kitchen who has voted it the best 5-Qt. colander for another year.

Endurance® Universal Lid, #UNIV-G

When you use a glass lid you can peek to your hearts content at the little, juicy, delicious things cooking in the pan... Yum. Two sizes available for your peeking convenience.

Endurance® Mini Funnel Set, #FUNL-3

This set of 3 funnels will eliminate the fear of narrow bottle necks.

Endurance® Nesting Measuring Cups, #NCP-6

This set of 6 cups are the ultimate snugglers - usually found in the kitchen drawer.

Endurance® Spice Spoon Set, #DILL

These are the baby giraffes of the spice kingdom. They easily reach into tall, narrow spice jars and cans. Oh yes they do.

Endurance® Wine Glasses, #WINE-O

Yes, we love grape juice. And 18 oz. of it too!

Endurance® Short Drink Straws, #SIP-5CS

Short is just as awesome as tall.

Endurance® Round Biscuit Cutters, #BC-4

Don't be tricked by the name - they're great for cookies too.

Endurance® 4" Sink Strainer, #SINK-4

The perfect food trap for your sink.