Make Mom Feel Extra Special with these Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

05.03.18 - BY RSVP International
Mother's Day Brunch

Planning a great Mother’s Day Brunch might seem hard, but the right food and drinks make any celebration that much easier to put together.

When you have an awesome mom, you want to show you appreciate her.


mom beverages

Does your mom love coffee? Wine? Sparkles? Non-alcoholic sparkles? Great! Here’s our three favorite drinks for mom on her special day.


Sparkling Mango sorbet floats

Tropical, slushy, and boozy. If your mom loves a good bit of bubbly during brunch, this is a great cocktail for a warm day outside. The Mango sorbet adds a hint of sweetness and keeps the champagne perfectly chilly. Like a mimosa, but better.

Find the recipe here.


Sparkling Strawberry lemonade

For the mom who doesn’t want a good buzz on Mother’s Day, this Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade matches the fruitiness of a mimosa without the side effects. Fresh lemon and strawberry keep this sparkly drink crisp, with the perfect balance of citrus and sweet.

Find the recipe here.


cold brew caramel macchiato

Mother's Day Brunch

Have a mom who adores her coffee in the morning? Then this play off of a caramel macchiato will bring her happiness in a cup. Using cold brew, salted caramel sauce, and the milk of your choice, layer this gorgeous drink together and watch mom happily sip away into a caffeinated day.

Find the recipe here.


main dishes for mom

Making things small or bite-sized adds a fun layer to your Mother’s Day Brunch. Whether sweet or savory, try to add some kitsch to keep things interesting and varied.


Prosciutto and spinach egg cups

Using prosciutto (bacon’s slightly grown up cousin) and spinach, this mini-main dish is perfect to serve if you’re having one or 20 guests over for Mother’s Day Brunch.

Find the recipe here.


Pancake Coin Brochettes with Fresh berries

Everybody loves food on a stick, especially moms (less clean-up, yay!). Appetizer sticks create the perfect receptacle to hold these tiny pancake stacks together. Top it off with a berry and a side of syrup and these will fly off the platter in a jiffy.

Find the recipe here.


Mushroom Onion Scones

Who doesn’t love a good scone? Sure, you could do sweet scones, but savory scones seem to get overlooked too often. A mushroom and onion scone carries a big punch of flavor into a tiny hand-held pastry. Just don’t forget the butter (it’s Mother’s Day, after all, and mom deserves to treat herself).

Find the recipe here.



This Mediterranean egg dish is the perfect brunch food, whether for a special occasion or not. The acidity of the tomatoes, the perfect balance of herbs, paired with a creamy baked yolk will have your mother asking, “How come you don’t cook for me more often?!”

Find the recipe here.


something Sweet

People love to end meals on a slightly sweet note. These two dishes aren’t overwhelmingly sugary, with just the right amount of berries and cream to cap off a great meal.


Strawberry shortcake with Mascarpone whipped cream

Mother's Day Brunch

Remember the cartoon from the 1980’s “Strawberry Shortcake”? Well, your mom probably does (and if you’re a new mom, there’s a reboot from 2003). In any case, as much the cartoon was probably super annoying for any mom to watch, you can ease the motherly pain by making a Strawberry Shortcake that your mom will actually like. Buttery and flaky shortcake, paired with a mascarpone whipped cream makes this stack delicious.

Find the recipe here.


Granola and Yogurt Bowls

Yogurt, granola, berries and anything else you can throw in there. Sure, most people don’t think of it as dessert, but with the right toppings, you can really turn anything into dessert.

Find the recipe here.


Here’s to the moms everywhere who make us feel special, important, and supported. May your Mother’s Day Brunch show them how much you truly appreciate them.