Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Unique Kitchen Gift Ideas for Mom

05.07.19 - BY RSVP International
Mother's Day Gift

Finding the perfect gift for Mom is a challenge. What do you get for the woman who seems to do it all? It can be tough to find the right present that really shows her how much you appreciate and love her, without it seeming like you’re putting her to work (lol, sorry moms). With Mother’s Day right around the corner, the team at RSVP International wants to help!  We’ve put together some of our favorite kitchen gadgets that we’re sure your Mom will love for a Mother’s Day Gift! And ones that make life easier, so she can spend more time with the family she adores.


Baking Basket

Does your Mom give Mrs. Fields, Little Debbie, and Sara Lee a run for their money? Is she known for her cookies, pies, or brownies? If she loves to bake as much as you love eating her homemade treats, a baking gift basket is a great Mother’s Day gift!  Here are a few of our recommendations to include:


Bonus points if you bake her up something sweet to go along with the gift basket! We’d recommend a delicious blueberry crisp or blood orange meringue tarts!



Happy Hour Essentials

Mommy Drinks Because You Cry would be a perfect accompaniment to a happy hour basket! But it’s all in good fun, because even if you didn’t cry, mommy gonna pour a scotch anyway and watch some true crime TV after you go to bed.

Let your Mom know how much you appreciate her hard work by gifting her the barware she needs to make the perfect cocktail in the comfort of her own home. Whether she prefers mixed drinks, beer, or wine, you can customize this gift to perfection. Don’t forget to pick up her favorite bottle of fun so she can put your barware to good use!  Some great ideas to include:

Cocktail Gifts:

Wine Gifts:


Beer Gifts:



Going Green

Is your Mom environmentally-conscious and always on the lookout for innovative ways to make her kitchen eco-friendly? Props to her! We share her passion for going green and have some great kitchen tools to help her do just that! Make her life easier (and our planet a little greener) by gifting her some of these great kitchen products:



Party Prepping Tools

Is your Mom’s house the place everyone gathers? Whether it be for a holiday, family celebration, or just because, there’s no place like Mom’s house. We get that. She probably loves having everyone over, but do you know how much work goes into prepping those big meals and charcuterie plates? Make her life a little easier with these kitchen tools (and maybe offer to do the dishes while you’re there) for a Mother’s Day Gift!



Keep Her Caffeinated in Style

Mother's Day Gift

However she takes her coffee or tea, we have some fun and helpful products to help make her break time even more special! Tea or coffee gifts for Mother’s Day are the perfect way to let her know you care every time she sits down for a cup! Pick up her favorite roast or tea blend to make your present even better.

Tea Gifts:

Coffee Gifts:



Scoop out some ice cream

Does your mom love that nightly ritual of having a bit of ice cream after dinner? Do sprinkles put a smile on her face? Does the mere mention of sweet frozen cream send her into a joy spiral? Then make sure you give her the gift of unconditional love (aka, ice cream accessories). We have some super fun ice cream gadgets that would make for a great Mother’s Day Gift!


Whatever you buy your Mom this Mother’s Day, be sure to let her know how much she means to you and how much you appreciate her! Gather together with your loved ones to celebrate your Mom and make her feel special.  Share photos of your Mom with her favorite RSVP International products, and don’t forget to use the #RSVPinthewild hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!