Step into Spring Cleaning with Natural Cleaners and Eco-Friendly Products

04.19.19 - BY RSVP International
natural cleaners

It’s time to get your cleaners, dusters, and scrubbies out for that once a year deep clean. The best way to get things sparkling? Using natural cleaners and eco-friendly products!

We all want our homes to feel less cluttered, more organized, and clean because it helps in our day to day lives. Less stuff means less stress and less stress sparks so much joy! But weekly cleaning doesn’t get to that weird spot behind the TV cabinet that’s gathered a full family of dust bunnies. That’s why we Spring clean, to really get to those places that don’t normally see love.

Instead of using harsh chemicals and disposable products, though, we like to make sure we’re staying friendly to the environment. No single use items, no paper towels, and no extra waste. Here’s our list of essential products and methods to deep clean your home, spark joy, and stay natural!


Ditch the paper towels, grab some reusables


We love a good microfiber cloth here at RSVP. Microfiber has the benefit of being super absorbent, easy to wash, very durable, and leaves a streak-free finish on surfaces. Whether you’re polishing up glass, silver, countertops, or anything in between, a microfiber cloth can take the place of any job paper towels do. We offer them in sets of 2, in two different color sets. You’ll save a lot of waste during your cleaning adventures by investing in some good cleaning cloths.

If you don’t want to use microfiber, clean out your closet for old t-shirts that can’t be donated and cut them up in large squares. Use them as cleaning rags.



Use cleaning products made from RECYCLED materials


From cut up t-shirts to old towels, we love a good repurposing of old items! But if you’re looking for a bit more scrubbing power when it comes to your cleaning cloths, pick something where it’s made from recycled materials. Our Skrubby Cloths are made from recycled cotton and coated with nylon, so no cloth set is the same when it comes to the color. It makes the perfect scrubber for the kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere else you have a stuck on mess. They’re machine washable, so reusing them is perfectly easy. Once you’re done and you’ve gotten your full use out of them? Take them into any recycling center to dispose.

Alternatively, our Skrubby Sponges are made with the same kind of recycled materials and work perfectly for really stuck on there messes. This is especially handy for crayon or markers that might be on your gorgeous walls from some creatively misplaced young ones.



Brushes with replaceable heads are your friend


Throwing out an entire brush because the bristles went wonky is wasteful. Find a dish brush where you can simply replace the head or the bristles to really get into that spring cleaning mood. The Round Dish Brush is made from FSC beechwood and natural bristles. It’s the perfect tool in natural cleaners for gentle and effective dishwashing and sink cleaning. Replacement heads are easy to find, though not currently through our website.



Find Eco-Friendly natural Cleaners without Harsh ADditives


Nobody likes breathing in chemicals. Nobody likes consuming chemicals. And nobody likes knowing that all sorts of harsh chemicals are turning their beautiful soft hands into dragon skin. When spring cleaning season comes around, make sure you are stocked with all natural cleaners. We recommend Therapy Cleaning Products. Made from natural ingredients derived from plants, RSVP has three different kinds of cleaners from Therapy for your counters and cooktops. The cleaners all come in kits with their own special microfiber towels or scrubbies.

Stainless Steel Cleaner handles cleaning surfaces like refrigerators, sinks, and anything else made of stainless steel. The cleaner delivers a streak-free polish and leaves a nice soothing scent of lavender and vanilla from essential oils.

If you have countertops made from non-porous stone, try the Granite Cleaner. This cleaner works for many stone tops, including marble, granite, and quartz. While most cleaners leave surfaces looking dull, the addition of lemon oils to this cleaner creates a beautiful shine on the surface, as well as eliminating harmful bacteria. This formula ensures no scratches or etching in your countertops where harmful bacteria might gather and throw a gross party.

For glass and induction cooktops, try the Cooktop Cleaner. The scratch free formula uses minerals to scrub away stains and dried on food for a sparkly clean.

You can also make your own natural cleaners at home! A DIY cleaning spray is easy to make with households items that you already have on hand. All you need is an empty spray bottle! Reuse one from an old cleaner or pick up a glass spray bottle to really cut down on plastic waste. Just remember that certain surfaces require different types of cleanser, as the acidity levels in cleaners may affect surfaces differently.



Some other spring cleaning tips


Move your furniture!

That’s right. In order to really get to the places that need the most attention, you need to move the furniture (especially the big stuff like dressers, beds, TV stands, etc).

Take everything out of the closet, donate or toss what you don’t use/need, wipe it down, and put it all back

We’re not just talking about your clothes closets here. We’re talking about your linen closet, your storage closet, your bathroom closet, and even your kitchen closets (aka all the cabinets!). Part of Spring cleaning is also decluttering, so if you haven’t used it in the last year, TOSS IT. Here’s a handy guide for how to declutter.

Have fun!

Turn on the tunes and get to shaking that tush. A deep spring cleaning can provide so much relief and satisfaction once you’re done, but it also shouldn’t be a source of stress! Make everything a little bit more fun by enjoying what you’re doing. Play your favorite album, put on your favorite crime podcast, do whatever gets your motor running. And remember, we only do this once a year so why not make it enjoyable! Plus with a sparkling clean kitchen with no chemical residues, it’ll be ready to bake some of your favorite desserts as a reward for a job well done!