Planning the Perfect Picnic: A Short Guide and Helpful Tips

04.04.19 - BY RSVP International

Nothing brings out the best of Spring and Summer like a perfect picnic. There’s a certain charm to eating outdoors in the middle of the woods or surrounded by water, listening to the sounds of nature. Let us help make your picnic a great one with our favorite product and food selections!


pick a great location with just a few clicks of the mouse

Scout out the perfect location by researching national or state parks near you. Google can also provide some great reviews. Just remember to prepare with sunscreen, bug spray/repellent, and or other supplies you may need that are location dependent.


Keep the Food simple

Shaved Asparagus

Make easy to carry foods that don’t require a ton of packaging or preparation. Pressed sandwiches are great for picnics, as they’re easy to make and carry. Pasta salads or appetizers on skewers are easy side dishes that travel well. Veggie salads without leafy greens, like a shaved asparagus salad, are less likely to get soggy if they’ve been pre-dressed.


Have a fun basket to carry your things in

Sure, you could use a traditional wicker pic-a-nic basket, but we prefer a multi-functional model like the RSVP Market Basket. Not only is this foldable option great for the farmer’s market and grocery shopping, it also doubles as a durable picnic basket! The Market Basket comes in green, red, black, and turquoise, to match any mood and occasion.


prepare for wind!

Where there is a table cloth, there is a table that needs clips. If you’re opting out of the traditional blanket in the grass and found the holy grail of picnic spots with an actual table, then the Endurance® Table Cloth Clips are essential for keeping that gingham fabric in place. A gust of wind will not ruin your day…or your meal.


Make sure to bring reusable utensils and drinkware

Most importantly on a picnic adventure are the drink receptacles. We love the Endurance® Stemless Wine Glasses for their durability and unlikelihood of being tipped over. And these tumbler can hold anything from wine, to juice, to beer, really whatever your imagination comes up with. As an added benefit, you’ll cut down on plastic waste by skipping over disposable cups and going the reusable route. Yay, environment!

Don’t forget to also bring a wine key or bottle opener. Nothing worse than trying to Google “How to open a wine bottle without a wine key” while your rosé gets warm.


Cut down on garbage by bringing your own reusable utensils! Spoons, forks, knives, and straws all come in plastic, but then that plastic ends up where we don’t want it…landfills and the ocean. RSVP believes in sustainability, so take your silverware with you and bring it back to wash at home.

We’ve also just introduced a great new line of Bamboo Flatware! Not only are these utensils sustainably sourced, they are also completely biodegradable. So if you need to use disposable cutlery, make sure to pick up some bamboo forks, spoons, and knives! (Fun fact: they can also be taken home, washed, conditioned, and reused too).


The most important thing to remember? Relax and have fun! A picnic should be fun, easy, and enjoyable, a time to treat yourself to something out of the ordinary. Bring all the right tools and consider your picnic a breeze.