How to Make Cold Brew Coffee with the RSVP Cold Brew Coffee Maker

06.18.17 - BY Nona Raybern

Here at RSVP International, there is one thing that everyone in the office can agree is a necessity: COFFEE. And now that summer is here, we like our coffee as a cold brew.

So that’s why we said, hey, let’s make a cold brew coffee maker! Now introducing for 2017:

So what’s the big deal about cold brew coffee? Why are you seeing it everywhere and what are its benefits?

People choose this brewing method because it extracts the coffee from the ground bean without the acidity. It produces a smoother flavor and really gets to the core of the sweetness of each coffee blend.

Trust me, we take our coffee very seriously here in Seattle, WA. Which is why for this cold brew recipe, we turned to Olympia Coffee Roasters, a local roastery, to supply us with the delicious coffee beans to create this concentrate.

how to make cold brew coffee

The method is simple: Take apart the pitcher and remove the inside components. Fill the infuser component with ground coffee (approximately 10 tbs. or 160 grams). We recommend grinding your coffee for a metal filter (or a number 6 on a Bunn).

Fill the pitcher to the fill line with cold water (this is important, as if you fill it with hot water, it would not be considered a “cold brew”).

Place the breathable hood on top of the infuser and screw on.

Gently lower the infuser into the cold water.

Place the cap on top and lock into position. Place the entire unit into your refrigerator and let steep for 12 hours or more (depending on how strong you like it…I usually do a good 24 hour cycle because I like itĀ dark).

Now create your favorite coffee recipe using your cold brew! You can have it iced or hot.

We especially love this recipe for a Cold Brew Caramel Macchiato, because who doesn’t love a nice and sweet drink on a hot summer day!