How to Use the RSVP International FlipKabob

05.06.16 - BY RSVP International

Just in time for Father’s Day and grilling season, RSVP International introduces the FlipKabob, a shishkabob turner that makes grilling those meat and veggie stacks as easy as summertime living!

Squeeze it! Flip it! That’s it! Why struggle at the grill when you can make a world-class meal with a simple flick of the wrist?


how does the flipkabob work?

Six 18/0 stainless steel skewers come in this BBQ set, along with the main flipkabob turner which features 18/0 foodgrade stainless steel and a rosewood handle for a sturdy grip. Never again will you struggle with gently rolling your kabobs over, hoping that they don’t fall through the cracks of your grill grate. Cook your shish kabobs evenly on both sides, without burning your fingers or ruining the nice spatulas from the kitchen (sorry, Mom!). No more spinning the skewer while the meat and vegetables stick to the grill. When ready to flip, slide the skewer into the skewer channel, flip-it and release the squeeze on the handles. The FlipKabob gives you full control over the kabob, which makes you the Master of the Grill.

This isn’t just some one-trick pony when it comes to grilling season, though. The FlipKabob can also be used as heavy duty grilling tongs for roasted beef, pork, and chicken, or even cauliflower steaks for you veggie lovers out there! This gadget is easily added to your collection of BBQ accessories. In fact, we think it looks pretty fancy next to all of the other BBQ gear that RSVP has in stock right now for your patio and grilling needs!

i want that! where can i find the flipkabob?

Don’t worry, we can help you with that! You can purchase one of these for Dad or just treat yourself with one on Amazon. Go on, you deserve it!