How to Set Up and Use the RSVP Food Mill

09.07.18 - BY RSVP International
RSVP Food Mill

There are two different versions of the RSVP Food Mill. We have the Rotary Food Mill, a Cook’s Illustrated winner and favorite, that’s lightweight and easy to use. Then we have the stainless steel Endurance┬« Food Mill, the heavy duty younger brother. Both work the same way, but are made with different materials.

A food mill is simple to use and even easier to put together. Once you have the package opened and the pieces out, simply follow these directions.

Place selected disk in the bottom of the RSVP Food mill with the dome-shaped side facing up

There are three different interchangeable discs that come with both food mills: coarse, medium, and fine. Coarse allows for shredding, medium allows for ricing, and fine allows for pureeing and sifting. Choose which disc you would like to put in for each specific job you would like to do.

Insert the center part of the crank into the hole in the middle of the disk

Hook one end of the crossbar on the crank under one of the two adjacent holes in the mill.

Apply a slight amount of pressure pushing downward and insert the other end of the crossbar into the other hole

Our tight spring force allows for efficient and speedy milling. If the spring were more loose, our product wouldn’t perform at its peak capabilities. This is why we keep the stiffness of the spring, to better push food through the perforations to create the most consistent purees.


Here’s a short video showing you how to assemble the Rotary Food Mill completely.

To change out the discs, simply remove the crank using the same push method.

Instructions for the Endurance® Food Mill work the same.

How to Use the RSVP Rotary Food Mill

To use the medium or fine discs, your food will need to be soft. This means that potatoes, tomatoes, apples, etc, will need to be boiled, cooked, or roasted before they can process through the food mill. The mill will act simultaneously as a masher and sieve, so you won’t have to worry about straining on top of pureeing.

For the coarse disc, we recommend it for vegetables like carrots, zucchinis, or cucumbers, anything that is easily shredded.

The use of the food mill is quite easily. Simply place your food mill over a receptacle (pot or large bowl), place your food in the bowl, and turn the crank clockwise. It’s really that simple!


For even more information on the RSVP Food Mill, including some recipes, check out our link here. We even have three great recipes for homemade baby food!

We hope that this information is helpful! If you have any other questions regarding the Food Mills or any other RSVP products, please contact us at