So, You’re Graduating High School…Here’s The Kitchen Stuff You Need!

06.22.16 - BY RSVP International

Congratulations to the Class of 2016!

We may be just a few (ha!) years out of high school, but we were once your age too if you can believe it. And if you can’t, the proof is in the pudding (that’s old people talk for “hey, look at those pictures up there…that used to be us!”). As grads, there are a few kitchen things you’re going to need before you head off to college or into the real world and RSVP has you covered! From spatulas, to stock pots for pasta, to Garlic Cubes, and French presses, we have the kitchen gear to ease you into adult life. Hit the jump to find out our top picks for post-high school kitchen tools!


1. You’re gonna want a french press in the kitchen


No one warns you about the all-nighters you’re going to pull in college. And going to Denny’s, Starbucks, or Tim Horton’s every day/night gets expensive on a student budget! That’s why a French press will be your best friend for the next four to eight years. Hot water, coarse coffee grounds, and this gadget means you’ll have fresh (and fancy!) coffee at any time of the day. You can even make this great Cold Brew recipe from The Kitchn!

2. ice cream spoons so unique, you’ll be eating ben & jerry’s on the regular


Ice cream for breakfast? Guess what, you’re an adult now and you can TOTALLY HAVE ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST. We can’t guarantee this is the healthiest option, but with these neon spoons it’s going to be hard to resist eating ice cream for every meal.

Luckily, these colorful beauties also work great for yogurt, so if you’re trying to turn that Freshman 15 into the Freshman zero, maybe go for that option instead. Or not. You can do whatever you want! YOU’RE AN ADULT! Yay for life choices!

3. nothing says “i know what i’m doing” like garlic


If you’re living in the dorms, chances are there probably won’t be a lot of opportunities for you to do your own cooking. But if you do have access to a kitchen, then the Garlic Cube is going to be your go-to item. Adding a little garlic to any dish takes it from a “meh” to a “YES, I’M A PRO CHEF NOW”. And there’s no need for hard-to-use garlic presses, when this gadget chops, minces, and slices garlic without leaving that haunting smell all over your hands. If you’re looking for an easy Garlic Parmesan Pasta recipe that’s easy on the wallet, check out this one from Damn Delicious!

4. Spatulas, spatulas, spatulas…

When you’re cooking, the right tools make all the difference. From our Ela’s Favorite Silicone Spoon Line to our Flexible Nylon spatulas, there’s a turner, flipper, and mixer in there to complete any task in the kitchen. These are classics that will last you for years, even well after you’ve gotten that four year degree and are experiencing the existential crisis about what you want to do with the rest of your life. At least you know that your trusty spatulas will always be there, even when life feels pointless after reading too much Nietzsche.

5. the stainless steel beer mug, environmentally friendly and reminiscent of thor

BIER wbottle

Of course, this classic beer mug is really meant for the 21 and over crowd, unless you’re using it for Root Beer! The stainless steel double-walled beer mug not only looks like it was meant to live in Viking hands, it’s something that will last just as long. No more red solo cups for you. You’re a grown up and grown ups drink out of fancy glasses! This also has the added benefit of keeping your beer cold for longer and creates less waste.


To the Class of 2016, we say welcome to life! Things are going to be harder, but they also get better. The least we can do is help it to be easier in the kitchen! Congratulations and we hope you choose RSVP for all of your cooking needs!